Mia Sharyn Cox

Mia Sharyn Cox, Encouragement Dealer, is a (health and wellness) lifestyle blogger based in Los Angeles, CA. After studying disease prevention and earning her Bachelors in Health Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University, Mia relocated to Los Angeles, California in 2017 falling in love with the weather and the lifestyle. Little did she know, her transition was the beginning of an intense self-discovery journey she refers to as “the wilderness.” Finding purpose in the wilderness is the key that unlocked Mia’s relentless pursuit to becoming a blogger, promoter of consistent bliss, and producer of essentials for a healthy lifestyle. 

Currently, Mia works in alternative medicine as a Medical Assistant to a well-known Holistic Practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist. When she is not in the office, Mia is working hard to develop and perfect her personal brand, “Sit With Mia”.


As she produces content, develops products, and fellowships with others, Mia aims to provide guidance on living and maintaining a well balanced healthy lifestyle focusing on the spirit, soul, body. Her commitment to helping others from all walks of life navigate through their wilderness stems from her personal experience of learning to find joy in the midst of her painful, mysterious, yet rewarding journey. 


Knowing that any journey can be lengthy, intense, and completely different for each and every individual, Mia enjoys being a support system and mentor to those who desire a blissful, healthy lifestyle that Jesus has called them to live despite any circumstances. She's committed to setting the tone by consistently evaluating and advancing her own state of mind, while sharing her experiences along the way.


Mia's vision and mission is to save souls from being swallowed up by the wilderness, through her brand. Knowing that living life in abundance is possible, she hopes all will reach a state of pure happiness, love, joy, peace and contentment in Jesus.


“May We Never Say Yesterday Was Better,” quoted by POLLY, is Mia's prayer for those who come across her brand as they trust their process, in and out of the wilderness, committed to Jesus.