Milk and Honey.

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

The devil messed up. During quarantine, Mia used that time to get closer to the Lord.

Exodus 3:17 I will lead you to a land flowing with milk and honey.

God promised to bring me out.

When we hold on to our faith during the ups and downs we soar down the road to our promised land. Before we know it, we will be at the entrance of a land flowing with milk and honey. Even though we desire to leave the wilderness when we understand it’s the purpose we have peace with everything that goes on during this time.

When we exit the wilderness this does not mean we will no longer struggle or carry burdens but we are changed in such a way that every problem and attack of the enemy is under our feet. We become a house of prayer. We become spiritual. We continue forward under the yoke of Christ. His yoke is simple living. We will find rest here on our journey.

I hear God. I see God. And I carry the burden to share and further the gospel of Christ so that others are changed in greater ways than I was. I recently shifted into a dimension of great encounters. After a week, I found myself spiritually hungover.

Holy Spirit Intoxicated, it gets real.

We already know when alcohol enters our system it often leads us to become extra friendly, willing to go the extra mile, stumbling over everything, dancing, uncontrollable laughing, and boldness. Experience does not teach everything but when I was filled with the Spirit there were similarities in my actions. Ya girl was drunk off the spirit.

It all started when I took a day to spend time at the Grove and catch up with my friend Stephanie. Before this adventure, I had been pressing harder than I ever have. Reading the bible day in and day out, praying multiple times a day, worshipping, singing praises, thanking Jesus for everything, seeking the thoughts of the Lord, and without a doubt knowing everything is working together for my good. Long story short, the devil messed up when he decided to release a pandemic. I got real close with the Lord during the quarantine.

After exploring the Grove Stephanie and I decided to have dinner at the Marmalade Restaurant located there. As we were eating, we were talking about Jesus, our blessings, our revelation, we were all up in the spiritual realm that day. A man, his wife, and daughter entered the patio section of the restaurant where we were. They were seated two tables away. They were strangers. I saw them and paid no attention. Then, the man interrupted. He said that he was a missionary and God was tugging on his heart to speak to us. Our eyes and smiles grew big. God is always there but He decided to make himself known at that moment through his servant. We listened as this man prophesied and encouraged us. God told me specifically to hold on, build all my faith in Him, and those who seek God in private are rewarded openly.


I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing at what just happened. The presence of God filled me up so much. The next day was Friday, Juneteenth. I woke up that morning giggly and afresh. I came out of my sleep saying “Thank you, Jesus”. I have never done that before. I received the understanding that morning that when we complain sometimes God be like, “But I just woke you up”. Immediately, without even brushing my teeth or hair I shared this insight on my Instagram story. There was a burning fire in me to let everyone know. Again, I have never done that before.

I got ready for the Juneteenth celebration at Leimert Park. As I was getting dressed I kept thinking to myself, today is a day with God and it's going to be fun. I curled my hair. Put my lashes on. Layered up my lip gloss and slipped on a dress. Meanwhile, I had no idea that God was about to blow my mind. I had a grand time dancing to music, seeing varieties of black culture, meeting a new sister in Christ, and people watching. We circled the park a couple of times and on the last round, before we headed out, I experienced deja vu. Immediately I questioned God. Seconds after, I became aware that I had seen this whole day before in a vivid dream that I had about a year ago. I got chills. I was tripping in amazement over my lifestyle.

I don’t know what God is doing with me but I am so excited. Now, this is when I understood that I was Holy Spirit intoxicated. The following day was Saturday. I love Saturdays. I am usually up and engaging in some type of self-care. But when I woke up I felt lazy, drained, and craving comfort food. It reminded me of the days when I used to drink and would wake up hungover. I took a moment to recap the past few days. I felt God tickling me and downloading thoughts constantly. I created so much content these past few days because I want to share everything He revealed to me. I caught myself spontaneously praising and worshiping the Lord. His presence on me was so strong and I desire to keep it.

Even on my way to the Promised Land, during a period of discipline, patience, seeking, and growing in faith, God gave me a taste of the better things that were to come. To be real, I am not where I want to be financially but I definitely do not struggle with money anymore. I don’t feel lonely anymore, making solo moves is now my specialty and comfort zone. As I grow in my kingdom assignment God is showing me the global impact that I can make if I stick to the path.

Overflow with provision

We must desire a lifestyle of top working order, God designed rhythms. We will only reach this dimension through pressing into the presence of God. We must seek His face. We must desire His thoughts and character. We must want all of God before we want the money, cars, and clothes. Real talk, I’m speaking to myself. Matthew 6:33 says “But first seek the kingdom of God and all its righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”

Just seek God first.

Memorize scripture and declare them back to God in prayer. Set a time daily to meet with the Lord. Read the bible. Take your walk with God seriously and ask Him to move the things that do not serve you out of the way. Be disciplined. Love the lord with all your heart. Encourage others. Trust the process, enjoy the process, and stay on path even when it hurts

Yours Truly,

Queen of the Wilderness