Rent Due!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Mia found herself in a situation.

Ever have something due and you can’t deliver? Did that sentence already give you anxiety?

Just last week, I took a bus to the post office straight from work. During the bus ride, I put my headphones in, music on, gathered my belongings and packed my bag. When I arrived at my stop, without hesitation, I jumped off the bus and headed towards my destination (the post office) to deliver a patients package of prescribed supplements. I prepared my package and got in line. When it was finally my turn, I told the lady at the front desk that I needed my package to be overnighted so she gave me a slip of paper to fill out for priority shipping.

“Your total is going to be $26.60”, she said.

I reached into my bag and could not find my red clutch wallet. It suddenly dawned on me that I left my wallet on the bus. Shocked but not completely shaken yet, I gazed dumbfounded into my bag remembering that ALL OF MY RENT MONEY was in THAT red clutch wallet. My rent was due today.

I grabbed my package and as I walked out of the post office, all kinds of scenarios on how to go about this situation filled my mind. “Should I run after the bus? …Well, that won’t work because the bus was long gone, duh. Should I call my dad and ask for money? ...Nah. Should I sell all of my clothes real quick? Doubt it.”

At that moment, I just sat down on the ground right outside the post office in complete disbelief. I dumped my bag out incase I failed to notice the red wallet before. I remember frantically searching just to find myself disappointed again. Immediately after, fear, anxiety, and sorrow creeped in.

When I arrived home, I was alerted by the metro bus service that the driver had found my wallet. I was relieved. I arranged to meet the driver on 3rd street and Sweetzer at 6:30pm. I was right on time and anxious while waiting for the driver to arrive. I just wanted my wallet back, period. When he arrived and handed me my wallet, I immediately opened it.

Drivers License? Check.

Bank cards? Check.

Passport picture? Check.

Rent Money? Ummm… yeah, you guessed it, GONE!

Mia wept. :'(

“Stay grounded Mia, don’t get distracted Mia, God will provide Mia”, I mumbled repeatedly on my way home.

The next day, my landlord inquired about my rent. To buy time, I asked him to give me two more days when in reality two days was not enough. However, I was counting on my faith in God, knowing that He would provide but I was unsure how. He’s always provided a roof over my head and the finances to sustain me. I continued to build my faith that day by reading my past blog posts and fervently praying but it was still a battle of peace and pressure.

On the third day, I updated my landlord that I needed more time. Waiting for his response was definitely nerve wrecking but I didn’t allow my circumstances to slow me down or stop my hustle. Throughout the week, I remained on top of my routine. I showed up and delivered at work, accomplished my personal tasks, attended church, remained social, and kept believing.

Later that day, after updating my landlord, he responded by giving me a grace period and added a fifty dollar late fee, which worked out in my favor. #BlessingsOnBlessingsOnBlessings

This grace period held me over until my next check which allowed me to pay my rent. Glory to God for coming to my rescue once again! I refused to let this situation distract me or shake my belief, and God responded. When I realized the red clutch wallet was left on the bus, I had no idea how the story would unfold.

My spirit reminded me of God’s word and promises. My spirit KNEW that regardless, all is well.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

S/o to the Holy Spirit!

Yours Truly,

Queen of the Wilderness