You Deserve It

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

In August 2019, Mia felt grateful and fulfilled. The kind of feeling you experience when you are under the presence of a way maker. Mia deserved it.

One day, my beautiful and encouraging friend Natalia came to me with a brilliant idea.

“Mia, at the end of this month lets go to Hawaii, lay on the beach, and keep self care the main thing”

“Let's do it”, I responded.

I began to pray for a successful trip. Truly and wholeheartedly, I wanted to escape to Hawaii but this trip was spontaneous. I was not prepared financially, mentally, or physically.

Later that week, I attended Revelation Church with teachings by Prophet Lovy L. Elias. Prophet Lovy prophesied over the church that night and announced that the things we were praying for that week, we deserve. I recognize myself as being spirit lead. This word was for me.

One week before our travel date, we sat in Coffee Bean to book our flight and hotel. FYI, we are last minute with everything but thank God everything worked out in my favor. My boss traveled out of town for a week, Natalia and I split the cost of everything, and decided to turn this trip into a blogging experience to share with you.

Natalia looks at me and says,

“Mia, you deserve this”

OK, God. I hear you.

Travel. Your money will return. Your time won't.

Day 1: We arrived in Hawaii at 9 pm and checked in at the Marriot Resort and Spa on Waikiki Beach. There was luxury bedding, we had a view of the entire island from our balcony, the concierge desk had endless opportunities to take a helicopter ride, attend a traditional luau, and experience the local attractions. I was impressed. We unpacked our bags, transformed with hair and makeup, then headed out to explore the nightlife. We had no time to waste on our self-care trip.

Day 2: Our first full day on the island was perfect. For only thirty-five dollars we rented two chairs under an umbrella where we spent the entire day on the beach drinking fresh pineapple juice in PINEAPPLES, followed by lunch at Furusato Sushi. They had the freshest ingredients which elevated my experience with sushi to a whole new level. I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Roll, it was that good.

Day 3: Day two was exhausting, we slept in until 1 pm. We started the day with fresh coconut milk served in COCONUTS on the beach. We were going with the flow with all of our plans, no stress. We headed to the beach to simply sit and soak up the energy. The island empowered me to travel more around the globe. At night, we enjoyed a beautiful dinner at Kuhio Beach grill where chicken, lobster, steak, and red wine filled our table.

Day 4: Our last and final day. I started my day with prayer at 6 am on the beach. We had 4 hours before our flight back to Los Angeles. In the first hour, we had Nutella filled crepes for breakfast at the restaurant next door to our hotel. We did our makeup at the table, we were pressed for time. Then, we went to the local souvenir store and cashed out on gifts for our family and friends. After, we sped walked down Kalakaua Ave sightseeing. We spotted Furusato Sushi (again) and vintage island shaved ice. Keep in mind we just had breakfast. With food up to our throats, we were in a Uber on the way to the airport.

There it is, my last-minute trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. Even though we did not have many days or big plans on the island, I felt blessed. In the beginning, God knew my end. Not only did God make a way but he blessed me with a beautiful trip

that I shared with a beautiful friend.

Proverbs 16:9 says “ The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps”

Yours Truly,

Queen of the Wilderness